Barton & Guestier

Sealed With A Love Letter From France

Overview & Challenge

As the wine and spirits industry becomes more competitive, brands need to shift their focus strategically to remain relevant and newsworthy. For historic French wine label Barton & Guestier (B&G) to tap into the new market of highly engaged and brand-loyal consumers and millennials, CIIC was tasked with creating a PR strategy that consisted of four main services including media relations, activations and events, social media, and positioning/thought leadership. 

When B&G launched its newest Appellation range in the U.S., CIIC took the Bordeaux-based brand to the top wine markets in the country and planned a series of influencer events to celebrate the collection. 


Our objectives included solidifying brand identity, staying top-of-mind with media and influencers, continuing to reach new geographical markets and audiences, educating and shaping the perception of French wine for the American wine drinker, and increasing sales and building long-lasting relationships with key opinion leaders and consumers. Our messaging highlighted the brand’s tradition and prestige, sustainability, consumer education and standout Chateau Magnol.

CIIC distributed a #NationalDrinkWineDay mailer to top U.S. markets for B&G to kick off the promotion. We included a hand-written note that highlighted the “Love Letters from France” campaign and encouraged key opinion leaders to “cheers” with B&G on National Drink Wine Day, Feb. 18. 

Following this, CIIC organized three B&G branded events in Miami, New York, and Chicago. Each of these events was customized to fit each market, where top wine influencers, writers, and critics were invited to get a sneak peek of the new collection, along with a guided tasting by B&G’s Marketing Director. Finally, each event culminated with a media contest that would take one lucky winner to enjoy a week at B&G’s Bordeaux chateau and food academy.


90+ Secured Placements

$89,000+ PR Value

32 million+ Impressions

42 #NationalDrinkWineDay deliveries