The Growing Trend in Green Travel

09 These days, everywhere you turn, something else is “going green.” More industries are doing their part to come up with creative ways to be more environmentally friendly during this crucial time. The trend toward eco-friendly travel has caused us as public relations professionals specializing in the travel & tourism sector to rethink their current practices and make changes to please the new wave of socially responsible consumers.

According to an article in Travel Agent Central, ‘green’ buildings are ecologically conscious in their construction, and leave a smaller carbon footprint in their day-to-day activities than their standard counterparts. These buildings are becoming just as popular as hybrid cars, and hotels are no exception. Many popular travel websites such as AAA and Expedia have created listings of eco-certified lodgings to aid those who are looking to have a green travel experience. These hotels have been listed as eco-certified through a known government or private program.

So do we think green travel is a passing fad, or here to stay? If the increasing initiatives are any sign of things to come, we hope it is here to stay.