Social Media Strategy


In our last post, we focused on PR professionals leading the way in Social Media. As a follow-up, it is important to recognize that along with leadership comes added responsibility, specifically our responsibility to be transparent in all social media messaging.

It’s no secret that journalists are becoming more reliant on social media as their source to stay on top of the latest news. This presents an obvious opportunity for us as PR Professionals, allowing us to develop strategic messages and presenting them directly to targeted media. At the same time, journalists are becoming increasingly skeptical of information received through these channels. Earning trust and credibility is essential. “Social” networks now double as real-time information networks where users continuously customize their newsfeeds. Communicators must prove to be a relevant and interesting source. At CIIC, we know a key factor in building strong relationships with the media is consistently providing them with accurate, truthful and helpful information through the continuous engagement enabled by social media. To further expand upon this topic, Heidi Sullivan, Vice President of Media Research, Cision North America outlines five specific rules to keep in mind to succeed at relationship building in a digital age.

Transparency in Social Media Crucial to Building Credibility with Skeptical Journalists


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