Preparing for Crisis PR


As public relations professionals, we learn that preventing crisis circumstances may not always be possible but steps can be taken towards handling these situations more efficiently.

An article published in PR Week, Enhancing the Case for Crisis Preparedness, declares that many organizations are aware of the importance of crisis communications planning, but often fail to utilize the resources needed for effective preparing. Michael Kempner notes that crisis communications involves effectively communicating leaders, technological efficiencies and creating relationships that act as a support system in a time of crisis. Furthermore, it is often thought that crisis communication planning is set aside until it is too late.

Even with proper preparation, some may argue public relations professionals can never fully prepare for unforeseen crisis situations. Once a crisis strikes, it is important to act immediately. It is imperative to notify the public right away because if a crisis arises and is kept under wraps, trust is lost.

In a time where Social Media is growing at rapid rates it is easier than ever to alert the public immediately. With social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter companies are able to address the public about crisis situations instantly and in as little as 140 characters, making the people who care most about the brand stay loyal.