News Gathering a Changing Art?

As communicators, it is rather disheartening to hear that editors see their days numbered due to cut-backs and shut downs. According to the Pew Research Center, newspaper and broadcast editors think American journalism is on the decline. The New York Times’ Richard Perez-Pena posted an interesting story regarding pessimism in the industry, citing that many editors even see their company’s extinction within the next decade.

To offset the possibility of demise, many newspapers are considering the idea of charging for online content. Will the general public be willing to cough up a weekly/monthly fee for web news? Potentially. We mustn’t forget that search engines like Yahoo, Google – even Facebook – provide limitless information on the web. The difference, however, is the information we are consuming: the written word is moving in a different direction, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the wrong direction.

The ultimate take-away? Journalists may feel their days are numbered, but it’s important to note that with every printed news story that falls, two additional opportunities arise. In a tech-savvy, social media-savvy society, web content is endless and news collection is far from a dying art. Our means of consumption are ever-changing, and as consumers, we are constantly seeking pertinent news.