How to Choose the Best Venue for Your Client Event


As PR Professionals, our services expand beyond media relations, often into the realm of event planning. Special events serve as another channel of communication, an opportunity to connect with key audiences to build relationships and enhance our clients’ brand perceptions.

To plan any successful event, whether it be an intimate press luncheon, trade show, grand opening or brand launch, venue selection is crucial. We’ve put together our top items to consider when choosing the best venue for an event.

1) Know your client:

Is your client traditional, or trend-setting? Will food and beverage be the focus, or will atmosphere and setting really shine? Most importantly, what is the client’s event objective? Whatever answers explain your client best, it is crucial to choose a venue that enhances the guests’ understanding of the company being represented.

2) Be realistic in your choice of venue:

While creativity is key and non-traditional locations may be appealing, be aware of associated costs, restrictions and venue-specific terms and conditions. You may require special permits, licenses or outside rental fees that may not fit the given budget.

3) Think strategically about location:

Your guest list will be a major factor when deciding your event location. It is important to consider whether the venue itself and surrounding neighborhood are appropriate for your specific target audience. Also, consider how the majority of attendees will be reaching the event. Does it need to be accessible by public transit? If most guests will be driving, is there parking or valet available on site? Guests should be able to access your event with ease.

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4) One size does not fit all:

While you may have used a specific venue for a past event and experienced great success, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is always the ideal choice. It may seem beneficial to work with contacts and in a space you have previously used, but it is important not to try and fit an event to a venue that may not be the best option for your client’s desired objectives.

What are the top items you consider when choosing a venue?