Still Unsure About Google+ And How it Relates to PR? You are Not Alone.


There’s a new player on the social media scene. With the recent unveiling of Google+, we at CIIC, as tech savvy communicators, recognize the importance of familiarizing ourselves with any new social network. While critics are still debating whether or not Google+ will be a social media game-changer, it is our responsibility as Public Relations professionals to get acquainted with the capabilities of any new communications technology so that we can successfully develop innovative, result-driven strategies for our clients.

Brand pages have not yet launched on Google+, but there are still ways communicators can incorporate the platform into their current digital strategies. Below includes a list of a few highlighted features:

+1 Button: Allows users to improve their website’s ranking. Referred to by Google as a “public stamp of approval,” the more people who click +1 for brand-related information, the more likely that content will appear at the top of Google Search pages.

Circles: Allows users to “organize” their friends into different groups in order to share information that may only be relevant to a specific group. Circle makes it easy to share the right information with the right people.

Hangouts: Allows up to ten users to interact with each other via webcam. With this feature users can plan a face-to-face meeting for specific individuals or entire Circles.

Here's a link to some great info on Google+ that we'd like to share. Feedback is always welcome.

Google+ & PR: What It Means for You and Your Company