CIIC’s Top 12 Wish List Amenities for Airports in 2014

After the recent visiting polar vortex left tens of thousands of travelers stranded and over 10,000 flights cancelled and over 23,000 flights delayed across the US in the beginning of January, the unwanted extended travel times were met with much frustration.

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 3.20.16 PMPhoto: Flickr / Sakura Photography

While no one at CIIC was directly affected with travel plans, as frequent fliers ourselves, we know the downsides of unexpected changes or delays in flights. If you’ve noticed that layovers have gotten significantly longer in the past few years, it’s “because airlines fly bigger planes and have reduced number of flights, according to Rick Perdue, head of the department of hospitality and tourism management at Virginia Tech (CNN’s Best Airports for a long layover).

Our Top 12 Wish list for Airport Amenities:

  • First and foremost – access to outlets. We’d like to see more free charging stations around the airport. A great idea would be for every seat to have a plug available in waiting areas.
  • Free wifi – whether for keeping on top of work, keeping kids entertained, or keeping up with travel advisories, having Internet access is a much-craved airport amenity.
  • Sleep pods or sleeping cubicles for stranded passengers instead of the standard-not-very-comfortable cot typically provided. Fully extended beds for luxury travelers are already offered. Airports in London and Amsterdam even offer tiny hotel rooms with beds, showers, wi-fi and work stations!
  • Larger bathroom stalls to make it easier to keep your carry-on-luggage close at all times. Squeezing into the current set up can be quite tricky!
  • Massage stations - Did you know that The Food and Shops in La Guardia’s Airport Terminal B recently surprised travelers with free massages several times this past holiday season?
  • More comfortable seats in the waiting sections. Designated areas with recliners would be much appreciated.
  • Fitness or activity areas to play ping-pong or board games with other travelers. Reduce the time spent sitting during your travels in part to waiting areas or on the flight.
  • Book exchange hubs or libraries where you can read, borrow or exchange books. Get lost in a different world rather than fuming over your flight delays.
  • Free city tours! Have you ever had long layover in a new city that you wished you could explore in between flights but weren’t able to leave the airport? If so, you’re not alone. Singapore’s Changi Airport offers a free guided two-hour tour of Singapore if you have at least 5 hours in between flights.
  • Quiet areas, especially ones designated for yoga practice. The San Francisco International Airport already has a yoga studio for travelers to take advantage of.
  • Express Mani/Pedi salons - especially for busy moms and business travelers. If they can do other salon services, such as eyebrow threading, that would be even better for those on the go!
  • A good coffee shop, such as Starbucks in every terminal is always appreciated.

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Anticipating a long layover soon? Check out these 10 airports from around the world already offering serious amenities and services for travelers.

We’d love to hear from you – have you experienced some awesome airline amenities? Let us know in the comment section below.