CIIC Leading the Way on the Social Media Path


At CIIC, we’ve been lucky enough to spend the last 5 years honing our Social Media skills to a point where we now lead our clients on the Social Media path every day. As expert communicators, we help clients not only reach their constituents, but maintain an ongoing dialogue and relationship with these key targeted consumers.

As public relations professionals, we feel it is our duty to be the expert voice in this newly emerging and ever-changing platform. Through use of creative services including online campaigns, contests and daily interactions, from launching to fulfillment, our experienced team is fully versed in this newest media form. After years of learning the ropes and testing the waters, we are now the emerging leaders in this area, and we incorporate results-driven Social Media options as key PR strategies for all of our clients. To that end, here’s one writer’s view of why PR professionals should become the leaders in the emerging social media effort - instead of the advertising, sales or technical departments - and includes some interesting reasons why:

13 reasons why PR should lead social media efforts

No department is as qualified to run social media as public relations, argues this, well, PR pro.