CIIC Escorts the Governor of the State of Guerrero on Four-city US Tour

With less than two weeks of planning time, CIIC recently coordinated, executed and escorted a four-city US tour for the Governor of the State of Guerrero, Angel Aguirre Rivero, along with the Secretary of Tourism for Guerrero, Javier Aluni, and their team, which included members of the Governor’s cabinet & team; Enrique Castro, Secretary of Economy; Manuel Zepeda, Secretary of Culture; Netzahualcoyotl Bustamante, Secretary of Migrants; Angel Cruz, President of the Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo CVB; Carlos Burgos, President of the Taxco CVB; and Pedro Haces Sordo, President of the Acapulco Destination Marketing Office. The robust U.S tour kicked off on June 21 with a focus on promoting and raising awareness of various new tourism initiatives throughout the Mexican state of Guerrero. CIIC’s Executive Vice President, Patricia Fahie escorted the Governor & his team to all stops along the tour, including Miami, Chicago, Washington D.C and New York City to ensure that everything ran smoothly.

In each of the cities, the Governor and his team met with members of the press, travel industry partners, Mexican officials and US officials to discuss relevant Guerrero community issues and to spread the word about the Sun Triangle’s tourism initiatives and destinations. In Miami, the Secretary of Tourism, Javier Aluni, introduces the panel. The Governor, Angel Aguirre, is seated third from right. Along with representatives of Miami’s most prominent media outlets, more than a dozen wholesale and travel trade affiliates attended the Miami event. CIIC Executive Vice President Patricia Fahie (left of sign) and Theresa Rice, Managing Director of IGC America’s, CIIC’s sister company, (right of sign) with Javier Aluni (second from left), Pedro Haces Sordo, the Secretary of Migrants and International Affairs (third from left), and Jose Maria Barquin, the Director of the Miami Office of the Mexico Tourism Board (second from right) were among those in attendances for the Miami press conference.

In Chicago, 300 attendees were on hand to hear the Governor and Netzahualcoyotl Bustamante, Secretary of Migrants and International Affairs, announce the creation of a "Virtual University" to benefit Guerrero nationals living abroad. Afterwards, the Governor and his cabinet member, Enrique Castro, Secretary of Economy, met with members of the United States - Mexico Chamber of Commerce to discuss joint trade ventures. 06-23-2013 Access Management 0205

06-23-2013 Access Management 0460

06-23-2013 Access Management 0057 The Governor, Angel Aguirre Rivero with migrant workers from Guerrero in Chicago.

While in Chicago, a luncheon was held after the press conference for the press and travel industry partners, including Apple Vacations, United Airlines and many others. The Governor and his team used this occasion to showcase the Sun Triangle tourism destinations.

Next up, the Governor and his team traveled to Washington D.C. and spoke with the Chamber of Commerce on the topic of bringing new investments to the State of Guerrero. The team also met with the Mexican Ambassador to the United States, Eduardo Medina Mora, and the U.S Department of State officials during different parts of their stay. Before heading to their final stop in New York City, the Governor visited Alexandria County to promote the revitalization program of Acapulco and the Traditional Zone.

ASTA030 The Governor, Angel Aguirre Rivero (center), addresses the room.

ASTA042 Governor extended a warm welcome with a journalist who attended the press conference in Washington D.C.

The tour concluded in New York City, where Secretary Aluni met with top travel publications Conde Nast Traveler & Travel + Leisure on behalf of the Sun Triangle destinations.

CIIC.nycgovenortour Secretary of Tourism for Guerrero, Javier Aluni with John Hillock, Executive Director, Conde Nast Traveler (on left) and Mario Mercado, Arts & Research Editor of Travel + Leisure (on right).

Following those meetings, the tour continued at The Modern restaurant, where Governor Rivero hosted an intimate press luncheon for 20 members of the travel, lifestyle and Hispanic media. Also in attendance were Rafael Aguirre, Arturo Palma and Ricardo Castillo of the Mexico Tourism Board and Gerardo Izzo and Carlos M. Sada of the Mexican Consulate.


In New York, the General Console for Mexico Consulate, Carlos M. Sada (far left), Governor, the Governor Angel Aguirre Rivero (second from left), Executive Director of North America for the Mexico Tourism Board, Luis Augusto Garcia Rosado (third from right), and Pedro Haces Sordo, Secretary of Migrants and International Affairs (far right) were among the panel delegates.

CIIC_Acapulco_June_28_20130058-67_high CIIC Team members, Alyssa Ramirez, Account Coordinator Ashlee White, President, Carolyn Izzo Feldman, came to support Executive Vice President, Patricia Fahie at the NYC stop for the Governor’s Tour.

CIIC_Acapulco_June_28_20130058-29_high CIIC President, Carolyn Izzo Feldman and the Secretary of Tourism, Javier Aluni, chat during the NYC stop of the Governor’s tour.

Following the completion his first US Tour, the Governor and his team were extremely pleased with the initial feedback from the press, travel partners and government officials on the topic of tourism initiatives throughout Guerrero and the strides being made to return the “glamour” back to some of Mexico’s most beloved tourism destinations.