A New Age, A New PR Definition


Over the past few months, our posts have been focusing on up and coming trends in the Public Relations industry, mostly concerning social media and how various new platforms and their applications have affected communications. PR was once an industry where considerable time and effort was spent managing and distributing messages to the public; today, a much larger portion is spent facilitating a two-way conversation. We now live in a digital age where any consumer can instantaneously publish news to a global audience from his or her smart phone. With such significant shifts in publishing power and standard communications’ practices, its no surprise that majority of the audiences we serve are left wondering, “What is PR?”

To address this issue, the industry’s largest professional organization, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), has introduced a new initiative to modernize the definition of public relations, a definition that has not been updated since 1982. This mission was spearheaded by PRSA in conjunction with other top industry organizations at a special "Definition of Public Relations Summit” held in September in New York. To tackle the task, PRSA has created, “Public Relations Defined,” a section of their website dedicated to obtaining a more appropriate public relations definition. This section uses a crowd-sourcing model to solicit definition suggestions from PR professionals and industry influencers. We will continue to monitor the progress with this decision and the definition, once chosen, can be found on “Public Relations Defined."