Hotel BPM

TPDE_CS_lg Case Study: Launch & Grand Opening of Hotel BPM Brooklyn, NY 2011-2012


Create awareness and build hype for Hotel BPM, a musically-inspired boutique hotel being launched by hip-hop deejay DJ BIJAL in the up-and-coming Brooklyn neighborhood of Sunset Park. Do so without a firm opening date, any photography or rate information to promote it, and do so in an already packed landscape of new openings in New York City. Furthermore, sustain buzz and build momentum for the opening for more than a year, and throughout several opening delays.


With more than a year of lead time before the opening of the hotel, and no press materials to help promote the property, CIIC first keenly identified a trend developing: Namely, that Hotel BPM was one of a handful of boutique properties being launched in the borough of Brooklyn, but arguably the most original and unique of the bunch. So, we began reaching the New York regional press with the story of a hotel boom in Brooklyn, led by a DJ with a penchant for hip-hop and hospitality, and the media began to pay attention both to Hotel BPM and its unlikely founder.

When homeowners in the Sunset Park neighborhood where Hotel BPM resides caught wind of hotel plans and expressed concerns about potential noise, we addressed the naysayers head on and met local news anchors at the hotel to introduce DJ BIJAL and have him speak to concerns and the hotel’s plans to address them with soundproofing and other initiatives. This resulted in positive broadcast segments featuring DJ BIJAL and the hotel on WNBC-TV and CW-11.

Then, to sustain buzz and build on momentum we garnered over the initial press announcement and Brooklyn hotel boom story, we planned a “Sneak Peek” event at Hotel BPM a few months prior to grand opening. Here, we invited national and NY regional media and local VIPs in for a first look at the hotel and meet and greet with Founder DJ BIJAL. Media attendance was impressive and, without a catalog of hotel imagery on-hand, we utilized the photography snapped by media attendees and the instant, next-day web coverage from those same event guests to stay top of mind in the months just prior to opening.

Finally, we orchestrated a ribbon cutting on grand opening day, secured the support and attendance of Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz and disseminated a photo caption of the event, with the announcement of Hotel BPM’s opening, over the newswire.


The campaign coverage included articles in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, Condé Nast Traveler, Departures and Time Magazine, all before opening.

Following the September 2012 ribbon cutting ceremony and grand opening, the team secured another article in The New York Times and broadcast coverage on News 12 Long Island and Hudson Valley, and on NY1.

In all, CIIC’s Hotel BPM PR campaign has garnered 160 feature stories, for a total of 144,561,941 media impressions and nearly 1.8 million in advertising value to date. And, during the month of November, occupancy reached nearly 90 percent.