Saundra Messinger

TPDE_CS_lg Saundra Messinger, a widely recognized jewelry designer known for her unique and cutting edge designs, saw the increasing need to connect and communicate with her customers and fans on a more personal level to grow her business and reach more people in the competitive luxury jewelry market.

Working in conjunction with Saundra Messinger and her team, CIIC successfully designed a comprehensive social media campaign for the Saundra Messinger jewelry brand, to create a special community for Saundra to stay in touch with her friends, fans and followers as well as update them on everything new with the brand including her latest collections, blog entries, special appearances, industry trends, images and more.

The goal of the Saundra Messinger social media community was to give fans and followers the personal feeling of communicating directly with the designer. The messaging for the pages was created by CIIC to give fans and followers updates and information that were as unique as Saundra herself. The Saundra Messinger social media community now has direct link to the designer and the brand continues to grow and thrive.