Turbo Charge

TurboCharge It’s no secret that most individuals—from tweens, teens, Moms, business professionals and seniors—are owners and active users of cell phones and PDAs. However, before the introduction of the Turbo Charge I and the Turbo Charge II, consumers would often lose calls, texts or emails due to a dead cell phone battery, especially if they were away from an at-home charger or car charger.

Voxred International*, a New Jersey-based company, recognized a solution that would forever fix this problem; their motto was “Consumers should never be stranded with a dead cell phone or PDA.” Voxred developed a brand new product called the Turbo Charge I—a compact and beautiful silver case, shaped like a lipstick tube, that offers cell phone / and PDA users immediate power for their cell phones and PDA’s. (Two AA batteries provide the power via an adapter).

Voxred hired Carolyn Izzo Integrated Communications (CIIC) to launch the Turbo Charge I at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The Turbo Charge I was an instant success among consumers, as it was easy to carry in a purse, pocket, briefcase or backpack, and provided up to 1.5 hours of immediate power to cell phones and PDAs. Within a year after the launch of the Turbo Charge I, CIIC introduced the Turbo Charge II, which provided up to four hours of portable power in a similar but slightly wider silver tube to accommodated four AA batteries. Simultaneously, the Company launched the iTurbo, a portable power source for iPods.

CIIC’s comprehensive communications program for the Turbo Charge I and II, and the iTurbo, included New York City media tours, one/one media interviews, assertive and ongoing media-oriented product sampling, tradeshow events, as well as ongoing photo/caption wire releases and consistent, assertive outreach to trade and vertical categories including general consumer / lifestyle, family, teen/ tween, entertainment and music.

As a result of CIIC’s efforts, both qualitative and quantitative coverage of all three products was secured in top electronic and retail trade publications, as well as influential trade and consumer print and broadcast outlets including Rolling Stone Magazine, Good Morning America, Fox 5 Evening News (New York City), Life & Style Magazine, The New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, and many others.

*The Turbo Charge and iTurbo line of products became so successful that a Long Island-based company—Adrenaline Technologies—purchased the company in 2006.