Acapulco Destination Marketing Office

couple-aca Overview / Challenge:

Reshape perceptions of Acapulco, which had suffered in recent years due to negative media reports, by re-associating the destination with its roots as a glamorous Hollywood hideaway, thereby revitalizing travel demand in the area.

Strategy / Execution:

CIIC identified ways to put Acapulco back in the spotlight as the destination it was in the 1950’s - boasting a celebrated nightlife and a ‘jet-set’ clientele – through various initiatives including a full court media relations campaign focusing on key messages that elevated media and consumer perception and promoted a grassroots campaign of new developments and citywide “beautification” programs while restoring the glamorous appeal the destination had to travelers of generations past. Focusing on the destination’s upscale service offerings, which had been forgotten in years past, was yet another way to attract high-end travelers. The media’s attention was also drawn to the destination through press trips in an effort to generate and infiltrate the news cycle with positive reports. Diver-aca

Then, in an effort to spread additional awareness and give voice to Acapulco advocates, CIIC launched and managed social media networks for the destination including the “This is My Acapulco” campaign which allowed those who had memories from the destination to share for all to see. CIIC also developed a new consumer travel website which enhanced the imagery and storylines of the old Acapulco to appeal to an amended target demographic.

Additional initiatives supported by CIIC to complete this revitalization campaign included the creation of travel industry focus groups in top markets, participation in travel industry trade shows and consumer travel expos, co-branded promotions featuring all-expenses paid Acapulco vacations as grand prizes, and enhanced integration with state and federal tourism agencies for increased value and monetary support.


Campaign coverage included spreads in lifestyle publications including Condé Nast Traveler as well as high-profile feature placements in leading consumer outlets such as Robb Report, Travel + Leisure, Departures, National Geographic Traveler and The New York Times.

Featured articles in travel industry and meeting and convention trades such as Smart Meetings, Travel Agent and TravelAge West were results of the campaign.

In total this yearlong CIIC campaign for Acapulco garnered:

  • 65 feature stories
  • 45 million media impressions
  • estimated advertising value of $4.75 million