Summer Internship Series: What Our Intern, Alexandra, Has Learned at CIIC

This fall, I will begin my final year at Sacred Heart University, and CIIC is my first full-time summer internship. Starting the summer off, I had no idea what to expect. I thought that I had learned so much about the public relations world in my classes but once I got into the full swing of things at CIIC, I realized there was still so much for me to learn! From sweeps to clippings to social calendars, CIIC has taught me more than I ever could have imagined or learned in the classroom.

At the end of my first training day, I had already felt like I knew so much more than I did after finishing my last class of junior year. Although it was overwhelming at first, I felt confident entering my first full day at CIIC.  I learned not only all the different tools we use like WeTransfer, Dropbox, Cision and Mailchimp, but I also learned so much about the travel and tourism industry. Most importantly, I discovered that it’s an industry I’d want to work in in the future. 

 I love getting the hands-on experience of what goes on behind a proposal or getting to help out with pitching calendars. It’s really rewarding to see something I worked on get sent to a client or even make it onto our website. 

 The #girlbosses at CIIC are all so welcoming and always ready to give assistance whenever I need it. I never feel nervous to ask for help because I know the team is ready to give me help and assist me in bettering my PR skills. Thanks to the whole team at CIIC, from Hudson Valley to New York City and all the way to Miami, I feel confident leaving CIIC at the end of the summer because I now know all these helpful tools that will continue to help me grow in PR. This is only the beginning and I cannot wait to see everything that’s in store for me in the future.