Summer Internship Series: What Our Intern, Fulvia, Has Learned So Far at CIIC

With one year of college left entering my senior year at Dominican College, I started my first summer internship with CIIC. This past month-and-a half-at CIIC has been full of learning and new opportunities. Before my internship, I did not realize how much goes on in an agency and CIIC has given me the chance to get hands-on practice and experience in the world of public relations. 

Thus far, I have been given the chance to do more than I ever thought possible. I learned how to do client & media sweeps, media lists, clippings, social media calendars and pitching calendars. I’ve also become more familiar with programs like DropBox, Cision and WeTransfer. CIIC has taught me that every day is a new learning experience, making my time at CIIC interesting and exciting. I love that I get the chance to brainstorm new ideas for clients and help out with creating content for blog posts. It’s rewarding to see how my work ends up on our agency’s website for everyone to see. 

 Before interning, I felt lost and didn’t know what I would like to do after graduation, but after being exposed to the public relations world, I can see myself pursuing a career in this field.

 Prior to starting my internship with CIIC, I didn’t know if this was going to be a good fit for me because I felt like I had no knowledge in this field. But after these past weeks I feel more skilled and knowledgeable. I know that I still have so much more to learn and I am excited and ready to see what the next month has in store for me. I already know that I will return to school with so much more knowledge and experience than I could ever have gotten in a classroom, and I am so grateful for that.