Philly Hosts Travel PR Gurus For the 2019 PRSA Travel and Tourism Conference

This past weekend, CIIC’s Miami Director Amy Sedeño and Account Executive Melanie Neff joined the PRSA Travel and Tourism Conference in Philadelphia, where every year travel PR gurus gather for a fun weekend of networking and professional development. The pair returned with new ideas, inspiration, tactics, tools and knowledge of our growing industry.

 One of Amy’s favorite takeaways? “Audiences have evolved and tracking needs to evolve, too, so you really need to put a lot of thought into your research, learn about your audience and learn about your metrics.”

Melanie loved a tip about creating content that matters. “Stay true to your mission and create content that goes well with each social media platform.” Under the travel and tourism umbrella, content includes influencers, partnerships, podcasts, newsletters, digital and print media. The conference stressed the importance of allowing influencers to have their own personality and own voice, so they can connect to audiences in an organic way.

 On diversity in marketing, Amy and Melanie note that it is important to be intentional – make sure your messages thrive by focusing on diversity and inclusion.

 Another highlight of the trip was the chance to speak to influential writers and editors including Rachel Gallaher, Tracy Minkin, Kristine Hansen and Abigail Abesamis. Considering the ever-important relationship between journalist and publicist, the lineup gave attendees expert pitching guidelines to maximize our efforts. Tracy Minkin suggested following editors on social media to see their ideas, style, travels, their beat and interests. When pitching a restaurant or hotel, Abigail Abesamis advised to include background on the history of each plate, chef, or destination to give the journalist a story behind it.

 Over three successful days in Philly, Amy and Melanie absorbed priceless knowledge for the agency while exploring the city and becoming Gritty fans. A city jaunt + career growth = win!