What Content Creator Meagan Faye Thinks About Instagram Removing Likes

The recent news of Instagram removing likes has Instagram users and influencers scrambling to once again beat the app’s ever-changing algorithm. As the platform gradually rolls out the update, how are creators reacting to Instagram sans likes? CIIC recently chatted with influencer and content creator Meagan Faye for her expert thoughts.

If Instagram gets rid of like counts, how do you think will this affect influencers and brands? Do you think there will be a shift in how people engage with content? Will people stop “liking” altogether?

I think there will definitely be a shift in engagement as users will be less likely to hop on the “bandwagon” when it comes to liking posts. However, I think this will be a good thing down the road as people will naturally flock to content they genuinely care about, vs. what is popular. In terms of brand collaborations, brands will need to shift their mindset and focus on selecting influencers who go out of their way to create interaction with their audiences. Is. Less focus on pretty pictures, more of a focus on how they interact with their community and how that community responds.

Do you agree/disagree with this new direction and why?

I do and don’t. I think the current algorithm is heavily focused on likes, so by removing them it’s going to mean a natural decrease in the engagement needed to get your post pushed out. Hopefully this changes with time, but in the beginning brands and influencers will suffer.

What is your advice for new influencers who might be faced with this new development?

Don’t give up! Seeing a decrease in engagement is tough no matter what you do, but you have to continue playing the Instagram game. If they want you to find another way to interact, get your creative juices flowing and just give it a try! 

Personally, will this ease the pressure for you as an influencer and motivate you to continue focusing on creating authentic, quality content or will it add more pressure since it might be harder to collaborate with brands and close deals for paid partnerships?

I think I’m somewhere in the middle. I love the idea of it and I have been shifting my content for the last year to provide more and more value. So in that sense I think it’s a great motivation; it means I’ve been doing something right. However, I still have to provide for my household and losing out on deals will cause extra pressure.

Do you as a YouTuber feel that you might have an advantage with that platform over influencers who just focus on Instagram? 

Yes! Definitely. It gives me more security to feel like I have something else I can leverage.

Marissa L