A Day in the Life of a CIIC Intern

Since mid-April 2018, I have been interning at Carolyn Izzo Integrated Communications. In my role, I worked directly under Amy Sedeño, the Account Director and Melanie Neff, Account Executive in the Miami office. Every day here was different, exciting and life-changing.


My day normally started at 6:45a.m. with an alarm, shower and hearty breakfast. On my way to Coral Gables every morning I drink a cup of coffee to get that extra boost of energy for a productive day. The drive to the office was a bit long for me, but it gave me time to listen to some great music for some motivation and inspiration. By 9:30a.m., I would be at the office reading all of my emails and getting ready for the workday ahead. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the first thing I would do is work on content across all social media accounts for our clients. I would do everything from gathering photos, developing creative captions, and making sure all content gets approved before posting. After receiving approval, I would schedule the posts to Facebook and manually post on Instagram. It would take me about a day to complete all of the social media calendars because Amy and Melanie gave me more accounts to handle as the internship (and my interest in the topic) progressed. By the end of the internship, those accounts were my babies.

Mid-day Wednesday and Thursday, I would work on other assignments from either Amy or Melanie. It would always differ on the day, but generally included researching, pitching, and/or seeking new bloggers and influencers. I’d sometimes even help them out with personal expense forms for their press trips. There was rarely a “typical” day as an intern at CIIC, but the experiences I had there really helped me in furthering my professional career.

Throughout this experience, I was able to apply my knowledge of things that I had learned from my various marketing and even finance classes from the University of Central Florida (Go Knights!!!!). I also received so much experience in regards to Public Relations and Hospitality. This internship proved to me that I am on the right path and that I have a future working with amazing people with similar passions. I was truly fortunate to have such extraordinary mentors who allowed me to learn and expand on my skill set. CIIC welcomed me with open arms and made me feel at home since day one. They reinforced my desire to pursue a career in Public Relations and helped me believe that I am truly capable.