An Interview with Lisa Linh

CIIC's Amy Sedeño had the opportunity to interview  blogger Lisa Linh (@bylisalinh) about her Instagram habits, her tips for new influencers, and her philosophy for brand collaborations.  



1. How would you describe your aesthetic when it comes to showcasing travel?

My overall aesthetics when it comes to traveling is dreamy. Creating imagery that makes people want to travel to the locations and pointing out the best assets of each city I visit. 


2. How much time do you spend on Instagram daily?

I have honestly never calculated but probably between 3 to 5 hours per day, as I also post for clients. 


3. How do you ensure your audience remains engaged with the change in algorithms?

Instagram is changing algorithms again, so we'll have to wait and see.


4. Favorite destination?



5. Favorite filter?

I don't use any filters, I have my own custom presets I created in Lightroom.


6. Three places in your bucket list?

Maldives, Tokyo, and Santorini. 


7. Tips for new influencers

Don't get discouraged by rejection, we all get rejected and we all started from the bottom so keep hustling.


8. How was your start in blogging?

I launched By Lisa Linh in 2014 and it's been filled with obstacles, but I've made the best out of it all. 


9. How do you curate your work and pick and choose which brands you promote and work with?

I only work with brands that align with my beliefs, values, and that I truly like. 


10. Three items you can’t travel without. 

Chapstick, moisturizer, and my external charger.

Photos Courtesy of Lisa Linh 

Photos Courtesy of Lisa Linh 


11. How do you remain relevant in a world saturated with influencers?

By focusing on building a community and engaging with those who interact with me. 

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