CIIC Grows with Addition of Opal Apples

Bite Into A Brand New Type Of Apple

We are pleased to announce that our food and beverage roster is growing with the addition of Opal Apples, the naturally non-browning, Non-GMO apple grown only in Washington state in the U.S. 

The gorgeous bright yellow apples feature a distinctive crispy texture, floral aroma and a delicious recognizable sweet, tangy flavor. In addition to its great taste, the sunny fruits are like no other, making a great fit for lunch boxes, snacks, salads, baking and other sliced uses thanks to their naturally non-browning quality.  Furthermore, with every purchase, a portion of its proceeds go toward funding youth-based initiatives serving communities in the U.S. where youth ages 6-25 take leadership roles. The initiatives address food security and politics, nutrition, agriculture or education.

"Opal is great for both kids and adults - as a healthy and delicious option for school lunch there's no match," says Chuck Zeutenhorst, general manager of FirstFruits Marketing, the exclusive grower and shipper of Opal apples. "Grocery stores and our fans share that Opals are hotly anticipated - we have customers lining up to be the first to get their hands on the apples when they first arrive in the October."  

"We're thrilled and honored to be working closely with Opal Apples to share their amazing story with U.S. media and consumers" said CIIC President Carolyn Izzo-Feldman. "As professionals with a passion for promoting food and beverage products, Opal Apples is a natural fit for our agency." 

Opal Apples are available from mid-October through June, depending on the crop, and can be purchased at a variety of retailers across the nation.  For more information and a complete list of retailers, visit