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At CIIC we do quite a bit of traveling (not that we are complaining), and throughout the years we’ve learned how to avoid long lines, pack like pros and make business travel run more smoothly. Can we say we are experts? Racking up more than 10,000 miles per month, yes, we can!

Here, we’ve rounded up our top three tips for the on-the-go exec, as well as our favorite destination for summer travel.                                                                                      

1.    Take advantage of hotel gyms

If the words “hotel gym” make you want to curl up and finish the last season of Orange is the New Black, you haven’t been to Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort & Spa. We get it, the typical hotel gym has less space than a New York City studio, is often gray and unaspiring, and is as empty as a movie theater on a Monday. However, every once in a while, you’ll find a gem, like we did, and magically get back on track and excited to workout even during a business trip. The Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort & Spa gym features boxing, yoga, state-of-the-art weight and cardio machines and personal training. Much like Grand Solmar, hotel brands are noticing the importance of fitness for guests and are turning their crummy, old gyms into full blown wellness centers, like the Hyatt Zilara gym in Cancun, which can only be described as a sports club –green juices and all. So, the next time you are traveling, don’t forget to sneak a peek at the gym; you might be pleasantly surprised.

2.    Apps are your friends.

For PR girls, our cellphones can pretty much be considered a second appendage and travel apps can be a huge help while on the road. If you haven’t tried the Thanks Again app, well, you should! Nothing is better than purchasing water at the airport and hearing the sound of “cha ching!” on your iPhone wallet. Thanks Again helps travelers accumulate points for doing what they do best and the sweetest part about it is that their redemption options also includes items like TSA Precheck. Like Thanks Again, there are other apps on the market that make traveling easier. One of my favorites is PackPoint, which allows travelers to organize packing essentials based on length of travel, weather and destination.  

3.    Digital Nomads

Not all travel involves unplugging, and between presentations, meetings and making sure you don’t miss a flight, staying connected can be a bit of a challenge. One of the best tricks we’ve found is creating our own WiFi HotSpot to enable us to work on the go when internet access is scarce. Next step is saving your writing for the plane. Being up in the air with no connection allows you to focus on writing assignments. Writing emails and saving them as drafts to be sent upon landing can also be a real time saver. 

4.    Where to go this summer?

There’s no better place in the world than Los Cabos; okay, Paris comes in at a close second. A destination where desert meets sea, snorkeling and farm-to-table eating is the norm and the sun is always shining is hard to beat. If visiting Los Cabos this summer, I recommend lots of SPF– because it can get HOT. For a Pinterest-worthy meal, head over to Flora Farms, an organic farm serving pizzas, doughnuts and cocktails prettier than the Food 52 Instagram feed. If you are a music lover, like I am, head over to Hotel El Ganzo in the San José del Cabo Marina and check out their roster of international singers in one of the hottest rooftop pools in the area. I hear 6-time Grammy winner, Natalia Lafourcade made El Ganzo her home for an artist-in-residence program in late June and rewarded fans with an intimate concert. Last, don’t forget your photo in the arch!

Next up on my list, Dubai!

By: Amy Sedeño, Senior Account Executive

To follow her journeys, check out her Instagram @amysedeno

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